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A better solution for 2+ GB PST Export

Posted by kapes on October 16, 2009

Here is a very good script to get the old frowned upon task of exporting PST for more than 2+ GB mailbox from Exchange done.


8 Responses to “A better solution for 2+ GB PST Export”

  1. ken said

    Very nice script but when testing it, only one small PST is created that only lists the mailbox directory structure. No emails, calendar items, etc. are exported. How do we get all the messages to export to PST?

  2. That almost certainly means that the account used to execute the script does not have full permissions on the mailbox.

  3. az ashraf said

    Hello I been trying to use the script, but every 100messages it stops there are two many prompts.. any way I can stop this so I don’t have to click ok every time.

    Help Please

  4. Marçal said

    I’m testing the script but when I execute it next error is reported:

    Redenption.RDOFolders: Error in IMAPIFolder.CreateFolder: MAPI_E_COLLISION
    Error:The folder already exists
    Component: Personal Folder

  5. johan Nieuwhoff said

    I found out that the script doesn’t work with localized folder names. But i have a sollution
    Mailboxes in US language where okay to export, there must be something wrong in the script.

    Running the script on a localized dutch mailbox the script results in an error:
    ProcessFolderRoot: Verwijderde items
    C:\beheer\Redemption\ExMBspanPst.vbs(244, 2) Microsoft VBScript runtime error: T
    his key is already associated with an element of this collection

    Line 244 contains: doDictionaryObject.add Fld.EntryID, newfolder.EntryID

    I changed line 199: If pstfld.Name = “Deleted Items” Then
    to: If pstfld.Name = “verwijderde items” Then

    After this change it worked!
    regards, Johan

  6. Joshua Morgan said

    I know this is a little old… and we are still using Exchange 2003

    But here is our predicament. I need to move items older than say 6months to an archive mailbox so I want to export using your process… then import back into a mailbox… is that possible?

  7. Ed said

    I know this is a long shot, but what the heck.
    Here is my scenario.
    Exchange environment. Mailbox is on backend server. I log onto the server as the domain admin and install RDO. (Exchange 2003 on Windows Server 2003)
    I open a cmd window and type the following: CSCRIPT ExMBspanPst.vbs 3gbUser@ClusterTest.local
    This returns an error that says I don’t have permission to log on:

    Main: debug output text file is e:\temp\set1-3gbUser@ClusterTest.local.txt
    Main: will attempt login to mailbox 3gbUser@ClusterTest.local on server CT_ExchB
    E:\temp\ExMBspanPst.vbs(108, 2) Redemption.RDOSession: Error in IMAPISession::Op
    ulVersion: 0
    Error: You do not have permission to log on.
    Component: Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store
    ulLowLevelError: 0
    ulContext: 1305

    Am I using this correctly? The domain admin should have permission for all mailboxes right?

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