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WSUS Client Inventory

Posted by kapes on September 14, 2009

Download and install Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express on your WSUS 3 Server
Use Windows Authentication to connect to \\.\pipe\MSSQL$MICROSOFT##SSEE\sql\query

Then run following query locally from WSUS server.

FROM [SUSDB].[PUBLIC_VIEWS].[vComputerTarget]

if you are command line junkie use SQLCMD.exe

Prerequisite is : SQL Native client


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WSUS Approval History Report

Posted by kapes on September 2, 2009

SELECT UT.DefaultTitle as [Title]

,UT.DefaultDescription as [Description]


,[KnowledgebaseArticle] as [KB]








,UA.[CreationDate] as [Approved On]

,[AdministratorName] as [Approved By]

FROM [SUSDB].[PUBLIC_VIEWS].[vUpdateApproval] as UA left join [SUSDB].[PUBLIC_VIEWS].[vUpdate] as UT on UA.UpdateID = ut.UPDATeID

Where AdministratorName <> ‘WUS Server’

order by [Approved On]

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