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Email to SMS Gateways, Complete List

Posted by kapes on September 9, 2009

Email to SMS Gateways, Complete List | mutube.

Specifically for US

n@teleflip.com Teleflip
n@message.alltel.com Alltel
n@paging.acswireless.com Ameritech
n@txt.att.net ATT Wireless
n@bellsouth.cl Bellsouth
n@myboostmobile.com Boost
n@mobile.celloneusa.com CellularOne
n@mms.uscc.net CellularOne MMS
1n@mobile.mycingular.com Cingular
n@sms.edgewireless.com Edge Wireless
n@messaging.sprintpcs.com Sprint PCS
n@tmomail.net T-Mobile
n@mymetropcs.com Metro PCS
n@messaging.nextel.com Nextel
n@mobile.celloneusa.com O2
n@mobile.celloneusa.com Orange
n@qwestmp.com Qwest
n@pcs.rogers.com Rogers Wireless
n@msg.telus.com Telus Mobility
n@email.uscc.net US Cellular
n@vtext.com Verizon
n@vmobl.com Virgin Mobile

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Understanding the MOSS containment hieararchy

Posted by kapes on September 3, 2009

Brian Wilson : Understanding the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 containment hierarchy to design efficient information architectures.

A very good high level overview of MOSS.

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ASP.NET Required Access Control Lists (ACLs)

Posted by kapes on September 2, 2009

ASP.NET Required Access Control Lists (ACLs)

Type of file and folder permissions the identity of an ASP.NET Web application must have in order to function properly.

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Lots of VERY useful SQL queries for MOM 2005

Posted by kapes on September 2, 2009


  • Queries to find out how old present data
  • Grooming the SCDW
  • Query to examine the last groom job and how long it took in the SCDW
  • Running the DTS job with latency
  • Faking the Onepoint database to think DTS is working in order to groom
  • Most common alerts in a Onepoint DB
  • To determine computers that are generating the most event data
  • To display the most common perf insertions

You get the idea 🙂

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WSUS Approval History Report

Posted by kapes on September 2, 2009

SELECT UT.DefaultTitle as [Title]

,UT.DefaultDescription as [Description]


,[KnowledgebaseArticle] as [KB]








,UA.[CreationDate] as [Approved On]

,[AdministratorName] as [Approved By]

FROM [SUSDB].[PUBLIC_VIEWS].[vUpdateApproval] as UA left join [SUSDB].[PUBLIC_VIEWS].[vUpdate] as UT on UA.UpdateID = ut.UPDATeID

Where AdministratorName <> ‘WUS Server’

order by [Approved On]

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